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North Devon Home 


The Brief

As this home is used as a full time home office alongside being the family home the brief was quite simple; fast connectivity from everywhere in the house.


There were a few things to consider too:

  • The client needed to make large data backups regularly and store them securely on and off site

  • Being a relatively modern house, we knew there was a lot of insulation in the property and wifi dead spots

  • They wanted minimal tech on display, preferring the minimalist look

  • They wanted to be able to stream a large music/film collection from multiple devices in the home

The Solution

Northwave opted to run structured CAT6 cabling throughout the property, taking all cables back to a data cabinet located safely out of the way in the attic area.  This included routing the main incoming BT copper line up there too. We installed an aftermarket router with improved wifi antennas for those devices that weren’t hard wired.


This fed into a gigabit switch which in turn also connected to a 4 bay NAS (network attached storage) unit which backed up data regularly with redundancy over the 4 hard drives. A separate 2 bay NAS was also setup to run as a media server for any devices on the network.


We opted to hard wire the main office computers and printer along with TVs, Amazon fire sticks and heating system controls.

Network Hub and Cable
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