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Holiday WIFI Woes !

As the main holiday season draws to a close for many holiday parks in the South West attention turns to maintenance and developments for next year….. and possibly a few days off!

"Can I have the WIFI password?"

Whilst internet availability used to be considered a bit of a luxury on holiday parks, I’m sure all will agree that customers now consider it to be a given and you may be thinking about what you do to improve yours.

That is exactly the position Smytham Manor in Little Torrington were in this time two years ago. A combination of a slow connection to the premises, combined with an outdated WIFI system meant poor speeds, limited coverage and no ability to handle the increased numbers on site. Many of the older holiday park WIFI setups just aren’t cost effective to upgrade.

Smytham had already tackled part of the issue and arranged for a dedicated fibre connection to be installed. The issue for us was how to distribute that around the 35 acre site.

How we helped......

A fully wired/fibre network is always our preferred choice, but sometimes that just isn’t possible due to cost or just not being in a position to dig up roads or site pitches. That was exactly the situation we were faced with so we opted for a hybrid solution. We installed Fibre/wired distribution where we could and a wireless (MESH) solution where we couldn’t. Added to this we tailored the system to provide different speeds/download limits a free/paid for voucher scheme,.

Future proofed!

The real benefit of the technology we use is that the system can be adapted and expanded in line with future developments. As works begin on 35 extra touring pitches this winter, we know the infrastructure is already there to add in extra access points and connect up the new fibre cables to the existing system. All running smoothly in the background, with minimal visual impact on site.

Always on hand..

We’re not a setup and leave you to it company and neither are we one to charge an extortionate service/maintenance fee each month. We are a local business and prefer to build relationships with our clients, so if you want to take control of managing aspects such as paid WIFI/voucher schemes then we’ll happily train you to do it. Want us to take control of the whole lot? That’s also an option.

There isn’t a one size fits all solution as it all depends on your site, your business and your needs/plans, but one thing you can be sure of is that you’ll have happy customers next season and some definite value added to their experience.

Drop Adrian an email or message and we’ll get the ball rolling.


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